Grandma Remember Me? & Reflective Workshop

Monday 5th November 2018

Lakeside Theatre
University of Essex
Wivenhoe Park

Grandma Remember Me? is a beautiful story told using a mixture of drama and puppetry. The play is written from the perspective of a young girl called Lilly. It explores her changing relationship with her grandma, who is developing Alzheimer's Disease.

The play touches on several key themes, including:

  • The wider impact that dementia has on a family;
  • The need for understanding and support from local communities;
  • The importance of memories and relationships within our lives, and how to treasure them.

Grandma Remember Me? is a piece of high-quality theatre, very powerful and deeply moving. The play is open to anyone, not just staff and students at the University of Essex. Please book a ticket via our Eventbrite page (see link below).

Puppet of Lilly with actors from the play
Lilly with her grandma.
Photo Credit: AZ2B Theatre Company

After the play, students from the University of Essex will be able to take part in a reflective workshop. This will give you the opportunity to discuss some of the themes presented in the play.

Note: We are only able to offer the reflective workshop to current students at the University. However, there are plenty of coffee shops and places to buy food on campus if you would like to enjoy a bite to eat after the performance.

Dog puppet
A dog puppet used in the performance.
​​​​Photo Credit: AZ2B Theatre Company